Company allegedly hacked as reported by Marketo ransomware with details: “Imperial Western Products became a very successful, broadly diversified corporation, always at the forefront of our industries”. “Our employees are our greatest assets”. “We recognize the importance of hiring and keeping employees that are committed to the success and forward progress of the company in which they work”. “Quality, Value, and Service”. So many big words and so little truthfulness and reliability. The company that truly respects its employees is better at protecting their data and not allowing strangers access to their documents. You need to retain employees by ensuring complete calmness and the absence of external threats. But the data of Imperial Western Products, that is related to employees, finances, agreements is no longer confidential and this should make employees, partners and customers think twice about company’s quality, value and service. The data that were obtained after the hacker attack include also amendment documents, information on taxes, on the company’s assets, NDAs, income and credits, contracts.