Damien Licata Caruso reports that Veja, a French footwear and accessories brand known for its eco-friendly sneakers, was hacked on April 26. The customer database with email addresses of customers was reportedly stolen. Machine translation: There is no banking data in the wild because we don’t store it and stolen passwords are protected by encryption,” says Sébastien Kopp, co-founder of the brand with shoes marked with a “V” and made in Brazil. […] A complaint was lodged and a declaration to the CNIL was made, as required by data protection legislation. The investigation was entrusted to the specialized judicial police and the hacker has already been spotted. Read more on leparisien.fr. “Spotted” is a machine translation. And I’m not sure it’s accurate. The original French is: L’enquête a été confiée à la police judiciaire spécialisée et le hacker aurait déjà été repéré. Do they really mean that they have eyes on the hacker? Or do they mean they have a suspect? Or…? Reporting by Chum1ng0. Question by Dissent.