Hacker attack on the Schwing company
Massive computer problems at the Schwing company in Lavanttal led to production downtimes for a week. The network of the branch in St. Stefan was shut down. The computer failures could have been caused by a hacker attack.

April 8, 2021, 7:02 a.m.

Mainly concrete processing machines are produced at Schwing. Many of the 450 or so employees at the St. Stefan site had to stay at home for the past few days. Due to problems in the IT system, production was only possible to a very limited extent. The computer network had to be shut down and the system was not started up again until Wednesday.

Hacker attacks are becoming more frequent
The cause could have been a hacker attack on the company’s computer network. Nobody wants to confirm this from the management, there is no official statement.
The fact is that hacker attacks on the IT systems of large companies are becoming more common. According to a survey of Austrian companies from January 2020, 61 percent of the interviewed entrepreneurs have already been affected by cybercrime.

There are no concrete figures, said Christian Baumgartner, IT investigator at the State Criminal Police Office. The number of unreported cases is extremely high. Often, according to Baumgartner, entrepreneurs do not even notice hacker attacks and therefore do not report them.

The amount of damage is not known
How high the damage is due to disruptions in the workflow and in production cannot be reliably estimated. At Schwing it is assumed that the production losses of the last few days will soon be made up for.