Company allegedly hacked as reported by Marketo ransomware with details: Braman Motocars is a private automotive company with revenue $30.0M. But its 240 employees can’t be sure that their data is safe. One of the company’s objectives is to provide employees security and confidentiality. But after the information leak of company’s data their documents were compromised. That means that the company doesn’t use the latest technologies and lags behind technological progress. A privately held company should protect the data better if it deals with machines and servicing. Due to the incompetence of the company, the documents of their colleagues and their partners fell into the wrong hands after the attack. The data that were obtained after the attack include accounting information, information on taxes, on the company’s agreements, assets, NDAs, income and credits, contracts. Futhermore there are client and employee documents which could not be concealed. The company is very diligent in protecting its website from attacks, but it would better protect data from theft.