Company allegedly hacked as reported by REvil ransomware with details: Asphalt was founded by Donald D. Godwin in 1994. Mr. Godwin is a veteran of the construction industry after working for his father, Mack Godwin with Godwin Construction. The company began as a small, family-run paving company but has evolved into a fully integrated site development & construction company. In the years following Southern Asphalt’s founding, the company weathered many periods of economic ups & downs and through it all Southern Asphalt continued to grow, building upon sound business principles and human relationships. In 2002 Nick Godwin, Donald’s son, joined the company and has since taken a major role in every aspect of operations. As a result, today the company is anchored firmly on solid foundations and is positioned for continued growth into the future.Southern Asphalt has combined years of knowledge and experience from our employees with state-of- the- art technology to ensure the job is done right each and every time. When dealing with us, you will always get more than you expect. We are a full-service organization that includes asphalt production, paving, site development, trucking, and a staff of highly trained and DOT certified operators that supplies the manpower to get the job done. We have our own DOT certified asphalt plants, one in Conway, SC and one in Marion, SC, to ensure that our product meets the highest quality standards. Our product can be custom suited to meet your needs. Whether it’s for a state-certified mix, a highway, or an industrial facility, our team will do more than sell you asphalt…we’ll deliver the whole experience.We have downloaded 131 GB critical data from your file servers, including internal company documents and customers data. We are ready to publish all data step by step.PROOFS: