Marco A. De Felice reports: The Avaddon ransomware group publishes screenshots of some data stolen during the cyber attack on the Unione di Comuni Colli del Monferrato, but by mistake it puts the wrong Unione (Unione dei Colli DiVini in the heart of Monferrato) under DDoS attack. Oops? But as Marco notes, that wasn’t the end of their mistakes: It is not the only mistake of cybercriminals, among the data exfiltrated and published yesterday there is a document from Cisliano, a municipality in the Milanese hinterland and which obviously has nothing to do with the Unions of Municipalities of the province of Asti. Read more on SuspectFile. This does not look good for Avaddon, and is the type of sloppy mistakes that we used to see with Maze operators at times. If you name the wrong victim are you also attempting to extort the wrong victim or sending emails to the wrong victim? The errors SuspectFile describes are not the only errors spotted on Avaddon’s site this week. In the course of investigating another one of Avaddon’s listins, discovered that they had named the wrong victim in that matter, too. has reached out to the real victim to inquire as to whether they ever knew they had been breached and what they are doing about it. That matter will be reported under a separate post in the near future.